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Reviews And Close Look at Jordan Melo M11 X

I was attention since from the version of Jordan 1.5 ,until Jordan Melo M9 released , which the same traction with the Jordan XX8 , But the 11 version of Jordan.Jordan Melo M11 was also set to receive the “Hare” treatment, we now have additional images of the Jordan Melo M11 “Hare”.

I bought the shoes in the discount season ,but I think the performance well ,the price is worth .

The  shoes box  just commemorating the 30th anniversary 30 years.


Regarding the size , the individual feels the pressure on the foot surface. It will be more comfortable to wear the upper half of the code. Usually the shoes are EUR 43 and it is 275cm long. I choose the size EUR 44  and  it  is  280 cm lengths.I guess you can buy the size that  you bought before .


When Melo talked to the designer about the shoes, Melo told them that it was important for him to have a pair of shoes that would keep Melo equally active during the four quarters of the game. Melo said, Whether it’s a jump or down the MELO M11 X’s FlightPlate has a powerful cushioning, the responsiveness is nice.


For the weight.The single just only the 376 g.Melo was born in the area of Brooklyn, so he felt that he was closely connected to the city of New York. The inspiration for each color of JORDAN MELO M11 X comes from the different elements of his growth.

Rock Blue hits are seen on the lace loops, pull-tap and heel branding. Red is seen on the tongue and outsole. The white midsole is equipped with Flightplate technology, for the setting is worth the price.

I found it was look like PG 1. The same shapped with the PG 1 . But the setting is different.

For the traction : The  exclusive LOGO of “MELO” was the most attention for us. The sole is equipped with XDR traction . The bottom  lines of traction can improver the gripping well. I personally found it to be a little better given the court’s condition. Much like the XX9, when dust was present, a quick wipe and you’re good to go. However, 24 Hour Fitness courts tend to be so badly kept that you’ll need to wipe much more often to maintain solid grip.

For the protection ,The Melo 11  add more foam around the heel partso the protection is nice.

For the supporting : The supporting jus so so .What I like most is that they support you without feeling bulky or heavy,so it can help you.


For the material :

The upper of the MELO M11 X is made of synthetic leather for support, durable and lightweight; the perforated details enhance breathability. The mesh belt system wraps the foot for an extraordinary lock. The updated version of the foam heel stabilizer is combined with the midsole to provide strength and support for the shoe tie, with a distinctive pattern of repeating letters “M”.It is look great.

Melo organized several high-level trainings at JORDAN Brand’s TERMINAL 23 showroom in New York. After a high-intensity training in the summer, he succeeded in losing weight and being more solid, preparing for the new challenges of the season.

For the cushioning : I figure out the cushioning is better .It is much like the Super.Fly 3, I found the Zoom Air to feel slightly more responsive than the AJXX9. Heel tech still lacks, but that hasn’t been an issue for me at all.

Overall ,Air Jordan Melo M11 is almost the same configuration as the Air Jordan XX9,but it will be cheaper , mainly because the Air Jordan Melo M11 upper is slightly harder. But the performance well ,It is worth the price.