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Adidas Marquee Boost Performance Review

When wearing Marquee Boost firstly, I meet the similar problem as Air Force Max, that is, there are too many the shoelaces holes on upper. You need times to adjust the shoelaces before and after wearing it. But the advantage is that the shoe body can lock well the foot. When taking off the shoes, you need to unfasten 2 to 3 layers of the shoelaces.

It has kinds of material on the shoebody. The vamp is made of Primeknit fabric material and other composite material. The boost on forefoot is the same as other other Adidas basketball shoes. It’s covered with TPU to increase the stability of the shoes.

But the whole material of the shoebody is soft. For the people who often do big movements when playing basketball, the support of the vamp is not very enough. It’s similar to the vamp of Kobe NXT 360.

But the design of outboard forefoot has great rollover prevention. The width of forefoot is moderated. And the knitted vamp of forefoot has elasticity. So the wrapping performance of forefoot is good. It’s not the best, but it can bring surprise to many people. The heelpiece of this high shoes has two tiers of different wrapping sense. Although the heelpiece part is full filled with the foam. But you will fell that there are two tier of wrapping above and below the red line. It’s tight below the red line, and it’s loose above the red line. It’s obvious.

But after two or three basketball games, the memory foam on heelpiece will fit well with your ankle, the layering sense will be weaken. In short, it’s a pair of shoes which need times to break-in. I’m satisfied at the wrapping after breaking-in.

Then I want to talk about the rollover prevention, it’s very great. The widen outsole with the covering edge design of the forefoot boost support well this pair of Marquee Boost. No matter playing internal line or exterior line, the support can satisfy your request. We’re satisfied at the stability of forefoot.

The performance of forefoot is great. That’s the advantage of Boost. The disadvantage is the heelpiece part. The cushion extremity is low, that is also the problem of Boost technology.

The outsole of Marquee Boost is herringbone design. As it rains a lot recently, the basketball field is wet, I slipped for a few times. It may due to the wet basketball field. In the same wet weather, Why Not Zer0.2 also sliped some times. For present position, we can’t offer a exact answer for the traction performance. When the weather get better, we’ll take this pair of Marquee Boost for testing the traction again.

After Adidas use boost, cushion is not need to be worried about. Comparing with Harden 2, which I usually wear, Marquee Boost is more softer. I feel that Marquee Boost is better than Harden 2. The thickness of forefoot is moderated.

Adidas Marquee Boost Colorway
Gray & Black colorway

Black & Red colorway


The Lakers’ Colorway

White & Gray Colorway

It seems that every 2018 Adidas sneaker is good, but the character of each sneaker is also similar, it also use the similar technology and there is no big difference on the price, so it’s hard for us to recommend the sneakers specific to you. But it’s also easier for you to choose the favorite shoes on the similar character and price.

Overall, Marquee Boost is a pair of casual basketball shoes. The appearance is retro and good looking. It’s suitable for both daily wearing and playing basketball. The wearing feeling of Marquee Boost is similar to EQT BOOST. The advantage of Marquee Boost is the great wrapping performance and ankle support, almost perfect insole cushion and stability. The disadvantage is, it’s a little troublesome to wear and take off the shoes, and the toes can’t be protected well by the soft vamp.