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Nike Air Vapormax VS Adidas ultra boost ,which is better?

Gone are the days of iconic designs like the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95, and the now  Nike VaporMax coming in 2017 .

As the shoe has an exaggerated bubble on bottom paired with a sleek Flyknit upper, a combo that Nike claims results in the “most flexible Air Max ever.”  it is popular in a short time with fashion design .

But there is a competitor —the Adidas Ultra Boost continues to be one of the strongest footwear this  season.

Today we are talking the difference between two styles of sneakers .

Nike Air was first introduced 1979’s and since then this cushion technology was butter for Nike brand. Air Max quickly became an irreplaceable part of basketball, running, tennis and even of lifestyle sneakers,Especially it is 30th anniversary of the Air Max , To celebrate Air Max day, Nike made one of the biggest breathtaking sneaker —-Nike Air Vapormax with super DOPE.

For Material  ,  I was surprised by the  Air Vapormax  max  which has super light Flyknit upper with Fuse overlays in high wear areas. and the  superb breathability is the best reason which I choose , especially in the summer .but the knit actually gets tighter as it goes towards the heel area. I always was a big fan of Flyknit because  it offers unbeatable comfort feel and it just so so light material. maybe this the reason why  Air Vapormax is the most popular in a short time .

Actually , the idea is channeled through Flyknit material made to look like an actual cloud with blended neutral colors that are more intricate than they appear on first glance.  it is a fresh material for  customers .

White the  Ultra Boost 4.0 featuring the murdered out black Boost midsole cushioning, a new matte finish on the heel cage, and additional stripes on the woven upper,and  Adidas’ primeknit material is flashy and non-abrasive, it is also hot and constricting. Actually it is comfortable too  ,especially for running , jumping . Compare with the Vapormax, I have to say it is excellent then Vapormax.

For cushioning , Adidas have been busy creating a more cushioned Boost foam to improve their signature bouncy ride. More cushioning costs a bit in terms of energy return, It is recovers quickly after squeezing each footstrike, but the Ultra Boost’s bounce-back quality is still higher than for any other shoe we’ve measured with this level of softness.

For Vapormax, as you can see there isn’t really a midsole to this shoe – there’s just a couple different thin plastic plates that hold these giant Air units, maybe you thinking it is not very well for cushioing . But acatully Vapormax is apparently more  EFFECTIVE for the air unitts .You’re getting remarkable impact protection as soon as you touch the ground. Vapormax more  stiffer then Boost .

For supporting , You can see the Vapormax have 10  Flyknit which connection with the midsole,in addition the material is more stiff then Boost , However the Boos.For me , I am thinking of the Vapormax supporting is excellent then Boost  .But the Vapormax  isn’t any stable surface in between your foot and those huge and super squishy Air units, sometimes  I feel a little stuggle .

For fiting ,  the Vapormax made the way in my top most comfortable sneakers of all time. It si true fit .  Of course, after the adidas Ultra Boost  is fit too ,but if your are wide feeter , maybe you can choose over a half size .
Overall , are they better than Ultra Boosts? The answer is NO. In my opinion, BOOST technology is still number 1 place in my heart due to beastly impact protection, solid support and the ability to just kick back your energy. However, Nike made a huge step forward in the process to compete with the adidas main model, the new deisgn and new technoly with that “Revolutionary”.Maybr it will take a huge Revolutionary in the sneaker world .