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Nike Air Force Max Performance Review

I received a pair of Nike Air Force Max with black and pink colorway. I feel surprised after opening the shoe box. As I prefer to retro type shoes. The spokesman of this sneaker is Anthony Davis. From the beginning of sports competition season, Anthony Davis has weared different colorways Air Force Max for the competitions. But AD changed another pair of Nike Kobe AD not more than 10 matches.

What’s the reason? Let’s see Air Force Max today.

Appraisal of actual combat:

Comfort: 5/10 scores

The shoe body of Nike Air Force Max uses artificial mesh as the main material. And the middle of shoe tongue uses NIKE inside lane sneakers’ traditional Velcro. The shoe fans who are familiar with NIKE inside lane sneakers should know that NIKE prefer to use Air Max with shoe tongue Velcro design for inside lane sneakers. The high shoe body and intensive shoe holes’s design can fix well the foot well, even if your foot is thinnish.

It uses full-length Air Max, so the weight is not light. The air permeability of artificial mesh should be good, but the air permeability if Air Force Max is not very good.

The feeling of forefoot(weight below 90kg:4/10 scores,above 90kg:9/10 scores)

My height is 177.7cm, and weight is 66.5kg. I  can’t get concrete feedback from the forefoot. But my teammates whose weight are above 90kg like this sneaker. So the feedback of forefoot depends on the weight.  If the weight is enough, the forefoot can rebound, and you don’t need to give big strength on the forefoot. But the light weight people may feel that the forefoot is stiff.

For the grains and material of the outsole, we can know that the abrasive resistance of this sneaker is not good.

The cushion performance of heelpiece(below 80kg: 2/10 scores,above 80kg:9.5/10 scores)

For the cushion, the heavier weight teammates feel better cushion than ZOOM. But I only feel stiff. So please you can consider this sneaker according to your weight. In additional, I prefer to React, not Zoom. I think that React has balanced cushion, not matter what is your weight and foot type.

Anti-torsion Performance: 7/10 scores

The anti-torsion performance of Air Force Max is not good, and also not bad. After wearing this sneaker, you should not prefer to do some big movements. Maybe it’s because this pair of shoes is too heavy, the feet have the burden. But the anti-torsion performance of this sneaker is enough for daily requirements.

Supporting Performance: 9.5/10 scores

The supporting performance is the biggest bright spot of Air Force Max. I has given high appraisement on previous performance review of Jordan Super Fly MVP. And the ankle supporting protection of Air Force Max is better. So I give high scores for the safety of this sneaker. If you have high request for the supporting protection to ankle, this pair of Air Force Max is recommendable.