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Nike Ambassador 9 Blue White Performance Review

The Nike LeBron Ambassador IX has been readily available for quite some time, and more colorways like the new USA colorway, Royal Blue, and Kay Yow (Breast Cancer Awareness) have just released overseas at ID4Shoes. These court beasts are reasonably priced at $130. For me ,Ambassador series come with more colorways . But Elite series will be show the tech,  distinguished representatives. Solider’s outstanding performance on the court  is the first choice for most people, and Witness series is lower price compare with others . The Ambassador series  have been a good reputation, but compare with series of  Solrer . most people think Ambassador not better then Solder about reputation,performance , function . Let’s see Ambassador today.

1.Nike Ambassador 9  Material

The shoe features a full mesh breathable upper with fuse overlays in high wear areas and the reflective 2 and 3 on the tongue of the shoe for Lebron .

So the ventilation is great . Even player wear long time , We also can feel the excellent ventilation .maybe the material of upper help a lot .

2.Nike Ambassador 9  Cushioning

Excellent of Zoom Air used in the Ambassador. The last version of Ambassador 8 already use this tech . but the cushioning of Ambassador 9 will be bigger then 8 according to dismantling from website Fastpass. For me , I feel clearly  excellent cushioning ,especially in the midsole of Zoom Air .though cushioning is not like the Jordan 31 ,Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit which full-length , but the feel and performance is great .For most player , the cushioning of Ambassador IX is enough .

The forefoot performance very great which the bounce with soft . I playing three day with Ambassador IX ,  I am still very great . even  I hurt my knee, but I was not feel too hurt . So the cushioning did its job very well . that is my favorite reason that I choose .

2. Fit / Grip

The size was true . For me ,I just bought the usually size as before .But for the wider footer  , I suggest that you can choose  over half size .

The grip is excellent . I played in the different court ,such as the outdoor , indoor clean court , plastic court and so on .The bottom line of Ambassador IX did its work well . Even in the outdoor court ,Ambassador IX have a great grip to reduce the slip ,And I think it is a similar with Zoom Live or Kyrie 3 .Ambassador IX easy to keep clean .that is great for us .The upper and midsole are easy to keep clean .

3.Nike Ambassador 9  Supporting

The supporting of Ambassador IX is great .Flywire lace system is similar with Flightweb of Jordan brand . Flywire uually used in the Nike . but both used together in the Ambassador IX, which improve the supporting and wrap .The material of Hyperfuse in the upper are lighter and improve the supporting too

Nike Ambassador IX used the TPU for anti-rollover. That is the great advantage for basketball shoes .
However there are some disadvantage for this shoes .

First : the lace system of Flywire Ambassador IX are easy to wear ,but for me ,it is too wider . I always feel slip inside if play longer .So I need to adjust the lace system more times if playing .

Overall ,Ambassador IX is worth to buy , for the great cushion and grip . the price is worth .and there are more colorway can choose . why not ?

If you have more idea or comments for Ambassador IX, just share with us .