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Nike Hyperdunk X Performance Review

In the twinkling of an eye, Hyperdunk series is already in the 10th year. From 1st generation, Hyperdunk’s each generation sneakers are named by the year. For memory the 10th anniversary, Hyperdunk isn’t named by year, but named by Hyperdrunk X. Ten years is a cycle, if Hyperdunk 2008 is the begining of dream, then Hyperdunk X is a new start for this series.

In appearance, Hyperdunk X continues the greatest feature of this series of sneakers, that is the smooth shape. No matter high shoes or low shoes, normal type or high grade type, Hyperdrunk series won’t let you feel swollen. We can feel that the designer pay high attention to Hyperdrunk X on the details. There is X word on the shoe tongueand 10 round holes in the midsole.

Hyperdrunk X make different designs on the midsole, comparing with Hyperdrun 2017. Swoosh Logo is put in the plastic plate of midsole. And the ink splashing design on the midsole also makes this black and white shoes not be too monotonous.

The vamp is composed by textile fabric and combined fabric. The hot-melt texture on the shoe head is small. That improves the comfort level. But to some extent, it also effect the protectiveness. The filler on the shoe sides is not very thick, but it’s enough. The filler has horizontal strip pattern. The TPU support plate is in the inside of heelpiece. The leather material is sewn on the outside and engraved with HD.

The two windows on the outsole make the Zoom Air cushion to be visible, which is similar to Hyperdunk 2016. The ripple design improves the traction performance, while XDR further improves the wear-resisting property of the sneaker. Overall, the Hyperdunk X has many details.

Wrapping & Supporting Performance
The Hyperdunk X still have the good wrapping performance as previous series. Although the vamp is not as thick as previous generation.But it fit well with the foot. The anckle and heelpiece is also very stable.The vamp is not thick, and the limited hot-melting material can’t protect the toes well. However,the heel is supported well by a large area of TPU plate.Although Hyperdunk X is a pair of high shoes, but it’s light, the single weight is about 356g. You won’t feel the sense of weight bearing in actual playing.

Hyperdrunk X doesn’t use the React cushion technology which is developed last year. Hyperdrunk X use Zoom air cushion in midsole.You will feel the obvious feedback from cushion.The separated cushion design can alleviate the falling impact, and provide the starting power. For the sense of foot, Hyperdunk X is better than last generation.

In slippery covered court, the traction of Hyperdunk X is good.Altough the ripple grains of outsole can give the feedback of force of friction to the players on various area.

Anti-torsion of midsole:
There is a big area of rubber and plastic paster on the right side of Swoosh logo, With the TPU supporting plate, the stable construction of midsole can help the anti-torsion of the sneakers.The sneaker doesn’t have obvious deformation in actual playing.

Gen erally,Hyperdunk X continues advantages of this series, like good wrapping performance and great cushion performance.But the thin vamp reduce the protection.Anyway, the cost performance of Hyperdrunk X is good for its price.