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NIKE KD 12 Performance Review

As the most concerned games of NBA, since Kevin Durant attended to Golden State Warriors, every Thunder and Warriors competition can attract a lot of fans’ attention.

Kevin Durant face Thunder and Russell Westbrook again on Mar. 17th. Except their confrontation, Kevin Durant wear KD 12 on this competition this time. This competition get high attention and topicality, that’s why Nike choose this competition for Kevin Durant to wear KD12.

From below 12 things about NIKE KD12, you will know more story about this sneaker.

  1. Who is the designer?

As the designer of Nike Basketball shoes and NIKE KD series, many people are familiar with Leo Chang. He not only designs the shoes for Kevin Durant from KD1, but also Hyperdunk series, HyperRev and other other classic shoes. Leo who has cooperated with Kevin Durant for more than ten years knows KD very well. His aim is to satisfy all KD’s request for the shoes to help him to get champion.

2.「90’s Kid」

As for the first colorway, Kevin wears NIKE KD 12 which is named as “90’s Kid” on March 17th. The name “90’s Kid” also symbolizes the story that KD was influenced by the basketball culture in 1990s when he was kid, and he took this goal to embark on his career path.

3. The basketball culture from 90s

Kevin Durant was influenced by 90’s basketball culture. Vince Carter and Charles Barkley and others had a profound influence on him. So he deeply hope to own a pair of shoes which is inspired by the 90s, such as the shoe tongue with tatting, and many parts of shoe body also shows this design.

For example, the shoe tongue of NIKE KD 12 is printed with KD uniform number and logo label. The heelpiece of shoe body also has the same label design, and it also has 12TH EDITION/2019-2020 and Kevin Durant’s name.(This details will also be showed on the shoe box)

4. Double layer of ZOOM construction 

Kevin Durant as the super star of NBA and one of the most popular NIKE basketball stars, the science and technology of signature shoes must be good. And it’s undoubted that NIKE KD series signature shoes are important to NIKE. KD12 has double layer of ZOOM construction. No matter from the innovation or science and technology, it can reflect that Nike pay high attention on this series.

The new NIKE KD12 has double layer Zoom Air construction design. The biggest lightspot of this sneaker is the full-length Zoom Air and hexagon Zoom Air Cushion construction on the heelpiece. The inner shoe-pad touches with full-length air cushion directly. The double layer air cushion construction design is similar with NIKE Air FOG 1 which was launched in last year. As Leo Chang also involve in the design of NIKE Air FOG 1.

  1. Cancelling “Insole fabric”

The insole fabric as a constituent part of the sneaker was an indispensable texture which was covered on the underface of shoe-pad on the past. It offers the vamp support. But this support also has the limitation, it impedes the players to touch with the air cushion directly. So Leo Chang change it for KD12.  He cancels the insole fabric construction on the underface of shoe-pad and makes shoe-pad to touch with full-length Zoom Air Cushion directly.

It simplify the insole fabric.

The specialists and designers of Nike also cooperate together for better solution to confirm the position of air cushion that should be bended flexible. It also improves the performance of this sneaker.

  1. Four-way moving Flywire

Flywire technology is one of NIKE’s proudest technologies. It has been used in many sneakers from 2018. KD12 cancels the the Flyknit technology on previous generation. Instead, it uses four-way dynamic Flywire technology.

This time the vamp is also marked with QUAD AXIAL Flywire.

There is a small round transparent zone inside the shoebody. We can see that the intensive and regular Flywire texture cover on the whole vamp from the visible transparent zone. The Flyknit texture has three colors, that is, yellow, blue and purple. The light and durable Flywire technology also offer great support and wrapping performance to the shoe body.

  1. The perforation type Phylon Insole

Many people should be familiar with Phylon texture insole for Nike shoes. KD12 has innovated this common insole configuration.

It makes perforation type Phylon insole and inset a hexagonal air cushion on the heelpiece (it is the double layer air cushion construction that we have mentioned).  The perforation type Phylon insole can drive the hexagonal air cushion on the heelpiece and improve the cushion performance and the comfort of sneaker.

You can see these punches through micro-lens.

  1. Outsole design

It’s not the first time that semitransparent crystal outsole design uses on the KD series sneakers. KD12 also uses crystal texture on the outsole.

The perforation type Phylon insole can be seen clearly in the semitransparent crystal outsole. The outsole is constituted by countless list structure and regular lines design. It’s similar with car tire pattern. This construction also brings better traction.

  1. KD12 will cooperate with Don C

As the designer of street popular brand Just Don, Don C’s design philosophy is different with other street fashion brands. Whether the creativity of shoe model or the high request of the shoe body, it shows his unique feature.

10. NIKE has his own plan to publish KD brand new series sneaker in this time. After this competition, will KD still wear KD12 to play other competitions? Most of times, KD prefer to wear his familiar sneakers. Let’s pay attention on it in the future.


From the brand new NIKE KD12, we can know that NIKE hasn’t used the newest material or technology to make Kevin Durant’s new sneaker. But it uses its proudest technology (like Zoom Air Cushion and Flywire) to innovate and make better performance. It brings the most comfortable experience to the players and buyers.

After wearing KD12, the most obvious feedback is that the wrapping performance of vamp is totally different with previous Flyknit. And it has high cost performance of cushion system. It’s easier to wear than socks type sneaker. For the colorway, let’s think about how many kinds of colorways that KD has last year. So for KD12, it must have a colorway that you prefer to.

12. The selling time 

The colorway of NIKE KD 12  ‘90’s Kid’ that Kevin Durant weared yesterday will be sold on our website soon. And another colorway ‘The Day One’ is also coming soon.