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Nike Kobe A.D.NXT Performance Review

On April 13, 2016, Bryant played his final NBA game against the Utah Jazz, scoring a season-high 60 points (the most points scored by a player that season), including outscoring the entire Jazz team 23–21 in the fourth quarter, in the Lakers’ 101–96 victory.The Lakers finished the season with a 17-65 record; this was the worst season record in the history of the organization. Bryant became the oldest player to score 60 or more points in a game at 37 years and 234 days old.


Although leaving the stadium, but Kobe has never left us is the line of sight, especially Kobe shoes, still wearing a high wear rate in the NBA arena. The new season launched new shoes of Nike Kobe A.D., which have more acclaimed,  this one was attached DeRozan,  Thomas .


In the playoffs, Nike launched the elite version of A.D. Nike Kobe A.D.NXT. New lace system, avant-garde shape, Nike seek new breakthroughs once again .

For the box ,it is new design for the color , it is like a Snakeskin….

there is the logo of Nike

The signature of KOBE

There are details of the site 


The Kobe AD NXT features an unconventional lacing structure meant to give ultimate lockdown support for each foot to go along with a lightweight Flyknit upper. Think of this as the Elite version to Kobe’s twelfth signature sneaker, but with a completely redesigned midsole unit as well. A drop in insole features Lunarlon and a Zoom Air bag. As for that Flyknit shroud.

Nike’s desire to hide intricate details into its designs continues with the Kobe A.D. NXT. The circular pattern on the Flyknit is inspired by the lotus flower, representing rebirth and spirituality in Hinduism.

For the lace system, it is great .it is easy to adjust . 


The Nike Kobe A.D. NXT boasts a brand new lacing structure; while it is completely unconventional aesthetically, it is engineering to promote optimum containment. Different athletes can customize their own fit.

Kobe A.D.: Rebirth and Evolution

ZK11:My story



ZK10:Endure and Conquer

The Mamba Language

The Kobe Code, seen on many of his shoes, returns on this silhouette. The words “unhinge” and “end and begin” are scribed on the midsole of the shoes

There are the details as below :

The hard nylon cord used for the lace system is slightly elastic and surrounds the upper with heel on both sides

The lining is made of a relatively rough material with a snake to increase friction


Outsole  used the  ZK series of practices, we do not  worry about grip, crystal traction  also improve the wear resistance of shoes.

Great material used, and the setting of midsole , designers Avar in accordance with Kobe’s playing requirements, every generation of ZK shoes bold innovation        

For the material : While the Kobe A.D. made use of mesh, the Kobe A.D. NXT welcomes back Flyknit uppers – a mainstay in the Kobe signature series since the Kobe 9. The upper is integrated with the laces which tightens the shoe fluidly.Meanwhile, the Kobe A.D. NXT used  a mesh textile build that is very breathable. The shrouded overlay is a knit material that seems to have some TPU threading throughout for reinforcement.

I loved this materials and my feet appreciated the change as well. This setup moved with my feet rather than rubbing/chaffing them and remained durable and supportive.

For the cushioning :it is still followed the Nike Kobe 11 — a large volume heel Zoom Air unit coupled with a Lunarlon midsole. It providing you with ample impact protection in the heel while keeping the forefoot cushioned enough without losing any court feel.The drop-in sole features a blend of Cushion foam and Zoom Air at the heel. What’s more interesting is that the insole itself is siped at the forefoot to provide even more flexibility.If you’ve never been a fan of this setup then you likely will have similar feelings here. However, if you are a fan of this setup then you’ll probably be overjoyed that it has returned after the more traditional approach the Kobe A.D. went with.The Air Jordan 2011 offered the smoothest heel to toe transition from any drop-in midsole setup that I’ve ever used so I hope the Kobe line can eventually get to that type of feeling.

If you happen to have any of the other options that were offered with the NIKEiD service then you can potentially have a full-length Zoom Air equipped version of the NXT, that is actually amazing . and if you own the Kobe Mentality 1, 2 or the Mamba Instinct then you can easily swap the midsole out for full-length Lunar.  for the mamba spirit , there are series shoes followed  it .Whatever your preference is, it can pretty much be accommodated if you buy Kobe shoes each season.

there are the details as below : 

The thickness of the Lunarlon insole has not changed, but there has been improvement on the forefoot and back palms.

The big difference  between of A.D.Series. is the zoom 

Here are some details from KD 9-11 :

we can see the details as below :

then we will test it , it performance well;

for the traction : actually this patten is nice , the grip is well. If dust was present there would be some wiping needed periodically , so it is not easy to keep .anyway,I like it very much .This situation proves that Nike can create a translucent rubber outsole that grips.

 then ,there are some performance details as below :

and there are more picture as below :

For the supporting : because of the rubber shell that makes up the outsole seems to act like a torsional piece and it remains fairly rigid at the midfoot.  so it is nice .Heavier players might feel differently than I, but I never felt like my arch was straining while playing.i like this parts .


overall : Every line has a hiccup or two and the original Kobe A.D. was one of them. The Kobe A.D. NXT rights the wrongs that the original put in place . for me , it is nice , I hope you will  like it , the great material and nice cushioning . also the supporting is not too bad

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Nike Kobe A.D. Mid Detached Dismantling Reported

The five colors of the Mamba Mentality are blue (honesty), red (passion), grey (detached), purple (fearless), and yellow (optimism), and these are the emotions that Kobe Bryant has meshed to form his own elevated perspective on basketball .The five colorway show the correlations between attitude and emotion.The Kobe A.D. Mid is the third iteration of the Kobe A.D. series; it features a large Zoom Air unit at the heel, Flywire throughout the upper, and micro-blade tread outsole pattern  which  the  office site said it .

Today we are talking about the Nike Kobe A.D. Mid Detached .

The Nike Kobe A.D. Mid is a continuation of Mamba Mentality that encompasses both the physical and psychological elements of basketball.

For the Nike Kobe A.D. Mid Detached, maybe you will like the cool grey color way in this  hot summer .

Nike Kobe A.D. Mid Detached
August 24, 2017

Thanks to the FastPass, we get a look  clearly at everything of Kobe signature model what it is.

First ,  it is cut the sneaker .we can see clearly the model of the sneakers .

We can see the Zoom Air unite clearly  that provides you with a soft and responsive cushioning.

Separated the upper between the midsole .

there are adhesive treatment in the back of  upper ,

There is a suprised—- FLYWIRE  inside of the upper .

The soft material of midsole which give you the comfortable feeling .

A gray pad followed by a Kobe handwritten signature on the insole

Double bottom cloth, surface material is EVA.

KOBE AD EP LAST:BB-05 SIZE:9# in the midsole .

We can see the ZOOM AIR of the midsole .maybe this is the best surprised for fans .

For cushion :take  the size of US 9/42.5  as a example.  we can see the length of ZOOM air AIR is 73.71 mm. it is huge cushionging .

and the wide of ZOOM air AIR is 47.44 mm

meantime , the thickness of ZOOM air AIR is 14.20 mm

There is a suspected leather patch in  the lateral forefoot , but we are not the function so far .

There are leather patches near the rollover area

The arch support plate is placed between the midsole and the outsole.

The length of arch support plate is 81.24mm.

The wide of arch support plate is 69.95 mm.



The thickness of arch support plate is 1.13mm.

it is the carbon fibre by fire tested .


For the traction ,it utilizes a minimalistic rubber outsole that features micro-tread traction.On clean courts, the traction pattern fared well, however, once you hit some dust, you’ll find yourself wiping a lot more than usual, particularly in the heel area. 


The thickness of size US 9/42.5 are 16.57mm with the midsole and outsole .

The thickness of size US 9/42.5 are 21.80mm with the midsole and outsole

For fit . This model actually fits pretty nicely. Even with a wider base, I have no particular gripes with the fit.

Overall , Nike has made some improvements which  use of technology and materials for the Kobe AD.

How do you think  the new thicker Zoom unit and material choices ? Let us know in the comments below .

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Nike Kobe 12 AD Performance Review

The legacy of Kobe Bryant continues with the Men’s Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball Shoes. I am so luck that got Nike Kobe 12  EP in this summer Kobe Bryant’s team models have always been propelled by more than just bargain prices.So today we will talk it .

First ,we can close to see the picture of  sneakers .

The outside box is nothing special .

The likes of the Venomenon series and the KB Mentality have all featured sleek and aggressive designs perfect for both on and off the court looks with brash colorways that have ushered in performance updates ranging from Lunarlon to Zoom Air.

For material : Mamba  has been design the  crisp famous with black, And Flyweave vamp with sole TPU worthy of the name.The Nike Mamba Instinct features a head-turning graphic array comprised of a Jacquard-like woven construction throughout the seamless upper.

For cushioning : Low-profile and lightweight Lunarlon foam used in midsole which more snug and the cushion is great .

For supporting : Multidirectional traction pattern on the thin rubber outsole used . that is great for supporting . I like it anyway .

Overall. NIKE MAMBA INSTINCT EP is worth to buy . The low top tooling keeps in line with past Kobe offerings while a unique midsole unit extends the traction pattern .the cushion is excellent . That the most reason that I choose it .

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Nike Kobe A.D EP “Midnight Navy “ Performance Test

It’s still strange not to see Kobe Bryant in the purple and gold during last NBA season. As the Basketball enthusiast, I would like to test this one this time .

Now here we go:

Firstly, we can look close the box as attached :

It is signature box which Kobe . the side of box have the specification as usually ,including the size and colorway and so on .

And then open the box, the Nike Kobe A.D EP ‘Midnight Navy’  just stay quietly in there .


Now we can see the details :this colorway — Black Mamba has retired for good, Nike Basketball is still making sure that the Black Mamba DNA continues throughout today’s NBA with the latest strong addition to Kobe’s signature sneaker lineage with the Kobe AD.

A clean and simple dark blue option perfect for anyone playing for a team that utilizes the shade. There’s no thematic element to this release, but instead, it’s just a solid team-centric option for high schoolers, collegiate players, and pros alike. The updated Engineered Mesh upper features hits of Pure Platinum and White on the branding throughout while that unique heel gets a matching Midnight Navy shade.

For me , I satisfied with this colorway .

I played two hours in the clean court , I feel good , the supporting is excellent . The design of heel is special which dark blue leather stitching and feel a little stiff .

We can see the details of picture : The lace system is neat and orderly, The upper used the EM materail which great protection and lighter , the most  important is Nike Kobe A.D EP “Midnight Navy “ have excellent Ventilation.

Maybe we can see the XDR material in  Nike Kobe A.D EP “Midnight Navy “,that is special feature which can improve the performance .


The bottom line actually have not very good for gripping . though it is beautiful with MAMBA logo . I dont think it is can did its job very well in outside court.

The white tongue with the MAMBA logo , and the same design of logo is the midsole , there is a kobe signature with black .

There is a picture that on feet :

For me , I think it a amazing and value shoes .There is my score for this shoes : the appearance : 9 sores , cushion: 9 scores , supporting: 8 scores

Gripping : 6 scores .

Overall , Nike A.D EP “Midnight Navy “ is worth to buy.

Kobe signature in an attempt to create a gap between the models he played in when compared to his post-retirement offerings, but this is a signature shoe that Kobe himself would be proud enough to play in, whatever the colorway ,the design and supporting , that is worth .