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Kryie 4 VS Kryie 3 VS Kryie 2 ,Which is the best ?

The Kyrie 4 is the latest edition of Kyrie Irving‘s blockbuster shoe and, for the latest edition, Nike wanted to make sure that the shoe kept on evolving,then compare  with last version of Kyrie 2. and Kyrie  3, which one is the best ?

Nethongkome broke down some of the issues and challenges when it came to designing a shoe for the premier ball-handler, noting in the piece that “being able to pivot off my spot and have balance in the shoe, regardless of where my foot hits the court, is essential.”The new model is built from a blend of nubuck and mesh that is supported by Nike’s Flywire technology. A multi-material upper is swathed in black and boasts a big Swoosh logo on both medial sides. A thick midsole sports an “Anthracite” color-scheme that is speckled with light blue and purple accents, with those same colors found on Kyrie’s signature logo on the tongue tab. A white tractioned outsole that is reminiscent of the Kyrie 1 — due to its zig-zag design

For  the Kryie 4,the materials along the upper and  engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time.Though the nylon is glued to around  which restricts all of the air flow, but in turn it strengthens the material.For the Kyrie 2 , it also to use the mesh fabric with woven that  give us more supporting and it also durable. For the Kyrie 3 ,Mesh is the primary feature at the toe and midfoot to heel. Meanwhile the flex zone at the forefoot is a foam reinforced with Flywire. The main difference between the Kyrie 2 and 3 comes from the materials,this setup is far greater than the one we received in the Kyrie 2.

There are some details for the tongue and the special logo

We can see the details for the materail

For the cushioning : Not only is Cushlon used, but it makes up the entire midsole.  is it improved ? Usually Cushlon is implemented with a Phylon carrier to the softer/bouncier foam mixture, but not this one just dont do that . The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot) so the bounce-back that Cushlon usually offers is minimized, but much like adidas’ Bounce, this setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.

For the Kyrie 2, it is simply and it focus on the court feeling ,speed and the change of direction, but is  you want to the cushioning that which stay way or great ,maybe it is not the best one.

For the Kyrie 3,The Kyrie 3 has no cushion aside from the heel Zoom Air unit. Not sure why anyone would be mad at me for that. Court feel is the primary focus here.Some players  enjoy this type of setup, so if that happens to be you, then you’ll likely enjoy these a lot.  It is amazon that the shoe’s heel Zoom unit  that you crash down on your heel after a rebound, jump-stop, landing etc. it work well.

For the traction : Traction on the Kyrie 4 is comprised of multi-directional herringbone ,it  my favorite traction which  are aggressive yet traditional; this one mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new.For the Kyrie 2, the traction just simply and plain,but the grip is nice , the court feeling also nice ,then it can stay outdoor for a long time .For the kyrie 3,Aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods. These pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction while the herringbone covers linear movements.Near perfection is the simplest way to describe the setup and while most would applaud a brand for using such a pattern, it only has me scratching my head wondering why this isn’t just how traction is.

For the supporting ,Kyrie 3 with the rubber outsole’s exaggerated “teeth” offer a similar feel. The teeth wrap up and around the forefoot to stabilize the Cushlon a bit while also slightly caging the forefoot.

Kyrie 3 with  internal shank is at the midfoot for some minor torsional support while the heel has an internal heel counter.the supporting is great .

For the Kyrie 2, it is just so so ,I am a little worry that there are something supporting if without the support by material .

Overall,there are some different for the Kyri4,3,2, but we can still feeling the sprit and the quality is nice , so which one is best ? we are not sure ,it is up to you , whats your required ?

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Nike Kyrie 3 Bruce Lee Details Look

Since the end of the finals, the topic of Irving has been constant. Finally in the summer, Irving bid farewell to Cleveland.Actually after the off-season to accomplish one of Kyrie Irving’s career goals of being ‘the man’ on an NBA franchise, and to be recognized for his skillset out from under the long shadow cast by soon-to-be former teammate LeBron James.

Superb skills, elegant style , lightning breakthrough, changing moves of  Irving, we can not help but think of a person – Chinese martial arts master Bruce Lee

In the 2009 , Nike as the Bruce Lee upper body black and yellow clothes for inspiration,  created Kobe5 Bruce Lee color for Kobe Bryant, It was attraction by many fans , after that, Kobe Bryant has been design a lot of classic black and yellow color.


The pair references the time that Kyrie laced up the Kobe 5 Bruce Lee when he was 17 and playing in the Nike Extravaganza in California.

This morning, Kyrie took to Instagram to show off his latest version of the Nike Kyrie3. The ‘Bruce Lee’ edition features The yellow and black contrasted upper pays tribute to Lee’s trademark colors , claw marks on the forefoot, a yellow jacquard upper with the same knit pattern that was used on the ‘Samurai’ edition of the Kyrie 3.

Kyrie 3 Bruce Lee as the  Kobe 5 “Bruce Lee” for the design inspiration,In the color, it inherited and Kobe 5 Bruce Lee black and yellow color.


It features the Kobe logo on the tongue, the scars  which in the movie 《Enter The Dragon》at the fore-foot adding to the Bruce Lee effect, and the same graphics from the “Samurai” pair (Bruce Lee is Chinese, whereas the Samurai inspiration is obviously Japanese).

A snakeskin-inspired medial side represents the black mamba, fading to Samurai on the lateral side for Kyrie – a metaphorical torch passing

The new Kyrobe logo fuses Bryant and Irving’s Nike logos into one.The Kobe’s Logo and Irving’s personal Logo are together to create a new Logo. This design is intriguing, as you would expect, Irving will provoke a team of the beam, he will merge with the Mamba spirit led to ride the wind and waves.

Samurai textile print on the lateral side is similar to the pattern on the initial KYRIE 3 colorway worn by Irving in a big 2016 Christmas day win.

Overall ,The Nike Kyrie 3 “Mamba Mentality” will release v on September 15th featuring an overarching theme of wisdom and philosophical similarities .Let stay tuned.


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NIKEiD Kyrie 3 Premium Yeezy Performance Review

Erwin’s life motto is “Hungry and Humble” for the design inspiration.So once  the NIKEiD Kyrie 3 Premium Yeezy  releasing , it is was become a popular in this summer .Among them, black represents Hungry, symbolizing Erwin’s fighting spirit and concentration in the field, white represents Humble, symbolizing Erwin’s humility and perseverance in training under the field.Today ,we will talking about it .

Basically every NIKEiD offering comes equipped with the Yeezy aesthetic in both the ‘Blink’ and ‘Pure Platinum’ colorways from his Nike Yeezy 2. The laces are fixed and lined with red embellishment, allowing the whole to have an Nike Air Yeezy feeling .A  pairs feature that contrasting Bright Crimson lining, glow-in-the-dark Swoosh branding, and a matching glow outsole. It is good look anyway .

The second surprise is that the luminous effect of Kyrie 3 is very amazing, in addition eye-catching Swoosh Logo and Erwin Nike Logo are part of the tongue with luminous material, just close to the light source ,The Kyrie 3 will be bright in the dark.

Nike Kyrie 3 design was perfect . The tongue of the “JBY” stamp and Erwin’s motto “Just Be You” and “H+H” on behalf of Erwin has been implementing the motto of “ambition and humility”.

                                           Outsole of shoes  has designed a window type for  air cushion, both inside and outside the window were printed with Erwin’s Nike and Logo signature, and in the window around the outer bottom is engraved with the name of Erwin’s daughter AZURIE ELIZABETH”.

Kyrie Irving took time out from his busy Nike Basketball Asia Tour to create these two Kyrie 3 Yeezy customs and show them off to the world on Instagram.

overall ,Kyrie 3 not only has a good performance in the actual value of Yan, favorably, shark tooth type design of the outer bottom and the front new module is to strengthen the grip and abrasion resistance, as the visible window type Zoom Air guarantees cushioning shoes.