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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

The appearance of NIKE FLYTRAP is similar to Kyrie 4, in both of the fully extended design on the side of outsole and the overall design of vamp. It looks like Irving 4th generation’s twin brother.

For the vamp material, NIKE FLYTRAP use inner and outer double fabric. The outside of vamp is mainly white, and it uses a big area of knitted fabric. The shoes head adds the hot-melt film to reinforce. The instep inner position adds a nylon elastic buckle fastener to make the vamp fit to the instep. It has Irving’s personal logo in the middle of inner boot. The heelpiece’s leatheroid has Irving’s uniform number.

The design of KYRIE FLYTRAP’s outsole also correspond to 4th generation. The forefoot has the crevice design like 4th generation. The friction pattern is also mosaic shading, but it’s V shape permutation. The design of midsole’s cushion is totally different with 4th generation.
Kyrie Flytrap only use a hexagon ZOOM air cushion on forefoot.

Wrapping & Supporting Performance:
First of all, let’s take a look at the wrap and support of FLYTRAP. As Flytrap use a thinner vamp than 4th generation, the wrapping and supporting performance is not better than 4th generation’s. When doing some big directional movements, the shoes head deforms obviously under the external force.

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It uses the roll type shoe tongue, the wrapping performance is above the average. The shoe tongue and collar cling the instep when changing directions. The space of forefoot is big, similar to Kyrie 4. It wraps well the ankle. This pair of shoes let feet feel freedom and also the stability.

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After reducing the padding and redesigning the shoes, the weight of FLYTRAP is reduced. The net weight of single shoe is only 350g. It has excellent weight control in the middle and low shoes’ field. It uses roll type shoe tongue design. But the buckling degree and adjustability of roll type shoe tongue is weaker than traditional shoe tongue. The adjustability of shoelaces is also not better than traditional shoe tongue.
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There is a small hexagon ZOOM Air below forefoot. It’s not suitable for heavy players. It’s more suitable to the players of ball control who run fastly.

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The Z type friction pattern on the midsole give great force of friction feedback to the players on all area of the outsole, so it has enough traction for changeable players.
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Anti-torsion on midsole:
For anti-torsion part, although the thinner vamp of this FLYTRAP is not good, but the stable construction of midsole make it not be easy to be deformed. The TPU support in the midsole also assure the stiffness of the whole shoes.

Generally, as KYRIE 4’s “twins brother”, the shape of Kyrie Flytrap is casual and fashion. It wears comfortable. The material is durable. And the performance is above the average. Anyway, it’s a pair of cost-effective shoes.

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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review


In this season, Kyrie Irving not only has the new shoes Kyrie 4, Nike also created a new series called “Kyrie Flytrap”, which immediately released, in addition to Irving’s charming. There is also a huge advantage that makes it stand out among the many shoes.

We will check the performance for this shoes today.


For the traction:

The Kyrie Flytrap outsole style is very similar with the Kyrie 4 design, and it looks like a wave,  a similar “lightning” pattern. However, the Kyrie Flytrap is not as dense and multi-directional as the 4th generation on the grain, so it is also reflected in the measured results.

The Kyrie have a great gripping, and the newKyrie Flytrap has also followed the  tradition. Although it has not reached the high standards of several “predecessors”, the performance cannot be ignored. Kyrie Flytrap’s forward and backward and left and right impulsive can meet the test requirements, but occasionally a few times in a sudden emergency stop, there will be a “small distance” after sliding, a foot is completely no problem.

Kyrie Flytrap performs very well on sticky sand. The large gap between the outer and outer lines is not easy to get stuck in stone or sand, and the difference in grip between indoor and outdoor types


For the cushioning:

The Kyrie Flytrap midsole with the front foot Zoom Air and the full-foot Phylon midsole is almost standard on Nike’s affordable shoes. Although it is called the Forefoot Zoom Air, the actual area is only a Hex Zoom Air with a slightly larger outsole opening position.


It is almost impossible to feel the presence of Zoom Air when we playing. In addition to the known air cushion area. The full-length Phylon foam midsole is a great surprise for Kyrie Flytrap. The overall density adjustment is appropriate, and there has been not stiff  feelings like Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3. In addition, the hind foot has a “concave” design in the middle and outsole, which is very similar to  the Air Jordan XX9 for the unequipped rear foot Zoom Air.


For the responsive :

The Kyrie Flytrap midsole is mainly composed of Phylon, and the thickness is moderate. Both the hardness of the midsole and the feel of the foot are amazing


For the material :

The upper is made of soft and textured mesh  fit the feet well, and I have to strongly appreciate that this material , it is do a great job when you paying , the soft and fitting to my feet are amazing .On many courts, the action of the forefoot (curving toe) is not “stuck” by the upper of the new shoe. In addition, a layer of elastic-like material is used in the position of the second lace hole. Because Kyrie Flytrap does not use Flywire technology, this design can effectively strengthen the middle section of the shoe.



Kyrie Flytrap also has a special “Burrito tongue” design, which features a fixed inner side of the tongue but an unfixed outer side. It covers the instep and ankle in a “roll” manner and is named after a burritos. However, because the tongue of the test color is made of artificial leather, the tongue is not tightly attached to the ankle.

For the supporting , it is not great anyway .

because of  the mesh upper is soft.we can not got the more supporting from the material.Although a small gray square coating is added on the outside of the upper, only the decorative effect does not enhance the strength of the shoe. The overall  support is not significant. Kyrie Flytrap can easily fold the shoes back and forth together. It is inferred that the midsole should be no TPU stabilizer or very small.

For the weight, actually it lightweight .The size of US 9 has a weight of 329 grams on one pair of shoes. In addition to the  lightweight mesh of the upper material , also the midsole does not add too much cushioning configuration, which makes the Kyrie Flytrap  light weight.

Overall, it is a cheap but the performance is great , it is worth the price ,the quality also amazing ,and the cushioning is nice too.