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Nike LeBron 14 Performance Review

In the past, whenever a friend asked me the best basketball shoes, I would definitely say to buy Kobe, the best player, with the best shoes. Now, when my friend asks me this question again, I will answer: If you are pursuing with more technology and great traction shoes,just  buy LeBron  shoes! Yes,I like the Lebron very much.The 33-year-old player has been one of skillful  in the NBA , especially after the 3:1 behind in the finals last season, leading the team to reverse the championship, adding more scores  to the historical position .

LeBron has changed and skillful since 14 year ago.Then his shoe have a  strongest basketball  and the most powerful basketball player, represents the best performance of basketball shoes.

Now we can see the Lebron 16 released ,but for me , i still like the Lebron 14 .In terms of styling, there was no small criticism. because of this  shoe type similar with KD9 and the seemingly lack of detail . When I saw the picture in the first time,i just feeling  that is not Lebron style.The Velcro posted a big SWOOH, which made people think it was the new  team shoes.



The shoe box is black and white, with a dark color. It does not have the drawer design of the LBJ signature shoe, but a classic flip. The shoe box is a bit exaggerated, and the EUR 44 shoe box can completely put down  EUR45 or even EUR 46 shoes. The surface of the material is also very special, reflective, matte matte, printed on both sides of the shoe box with “LEBRON JAMES”, “XIV”, “LeBron signature”

It is looking amazing .The shoe is look great when I opened the box

New images of the Nike LeBron 14 deconstructed show just how much technology went into the less expensive signature model. The “Black Ice” color scheme is mainly black and white, the black mesh upper, the velcro lining has white Swoosh, the LBJ’s crown LOGO is designed on the heel and the sole of the sole, and the white midsole adds an inkjet effect. The outsole is a blue transparent crystal bottom, which makes people feel more like the color of “Space Jam”.The right sneaker was broken down into individual pieces to show the different layers that make up the upper and inner bootie, while the left shoe was literally cut in half to unveil the multiple pieces of the insole, midsole and outsole.



On LeBron 14, you will find a lot of LBJ totems, with the words “LJ” and “23” printed on the tongue and insole, the LeBron James personal signature on the Velcro, the crown logo on the heel and the forefoot, and the forefoot 23 words. The first time it appeared on the LeBron sneakers, the back of the two are the lion head, the front is a signature, and the other is the crown LOGO. There is also a “Just a kid from Akron” inside the boot, which is full of feelings for the hometown.

Here are more picture as below :


For material :

The LeBron 14’s upper is similar to the LeBron 13 Low and Soldier 10 materials. It consists of a two-layer composite material that is seamlessly spliced, light and flexible, and the sneakers are guaranteed to be wrapped and breathable. Cortical and hot-melt materials are added to the inside and outside of the toe to enhance the strength of the upper, protect the toes, and reduce stress and impact. TPU hidden under the Velcro, beautiful and practical

For the traction ,using translucent rubber, the traction on the LeBron 14 wasn’t half bad.This rubber compound Nike decided to use is what helped maintain traction in between wiping because it’s fairly soft and a bit tacky. Granted, the traction was one of the shoe’s weakest points — but the traction wasn’t horrible. The digi-camo pattern gripped well but there are tiny areas that have been cored out and dust will collect in those areas rather quickly. Keeping them clean is a must if you want to maintain grip on-court.


For the cushioning :

In comparison to the LeBron 13 and LeBron 13 Elite, the LeBron 14 actually has much larger Zoom Air Units. The breakdown also reveals a large carbon fiber plate for added stability.

The LeBron 14 utilizes a one-piece bootie construction comprised of soft/flimsy materials. In order to maintain the best containment while playing in them I’d personally recommend going down 1/2 size.

The shoelace is thick and round, not too tightly tied, it must be completely tied, otherwise it will be loose when playing.


For the wripping :

The wrapping  is not as good as imagined. Although it is difficult to wear it, the upper does not fit naturally like the KD9 and ZK10. It mainly relies on shoelaces and Velcro to add the package, just as long as the insole and Velcro are tightened. Plus the TPU fixed, the shoes reach the effect of the foot, in the emergency stop and other movements can clearly feel the fixed role of the Velcro, and the material of the Velcro is very comfortable, there is no feeling of pressing the foot.

For the Protection:

Although it is a middle type shoes, but because the upper is very thin, the shoes mainly rely on the heel and the side TPU to provide support protection, but this also greatly improves the flexibility of the sneakers, more suitable for the LeBron playing the current style of baksetball. The anti-valgus aspect of the sneakers is relatively satisfactory with respect to the atmospheric cushion and the soft midsole, and the deformation of the sneakers in the changing direction is not too serious;

For the traction :

In addition the wooden floor testing,   I found a rubber field to test again. The outer surface of the sneakers is a granule digital type. For me ,I like the herringbone pattern, I was initially skeptical for the traction. However, the actual wearing effect is really good, and the reactivity in wood and rubber is first-class. Both the return test and the actual combat process can meet the demand


This rubber compound Nike decided to use is what helped maintain traction in between wiping because it’s fairly soft and a bit tacky. There is some fraying of the rubber in high-wear areas for my foot strikes and movements which reveals a fresh new layer of rubber under it.

For cushioning :

The most different part is volume of  ZOOM air cushion unit has been maximized this time. it  bringing an unprecedented cushioning experience. Moreover, the Zoom air cushion unit has been added to the arch of the foot to improve the over-relaxation of the shoes, especially for those with shallow arches. The huge Zoom attached to the back also protects my feet with fascia fasciitis, and unlike the ZOOM, the long-legged feet will be sour. The feedback of the ZOOM cushion is also very good. There is no ZOOM design in the palm toe force, and it is not afraid of affecting the starting speed. The forefoot two ZOOM air cushions play a certain role in bounce

There are more details in this shoes:

Overall , The Lebron 14 look great, whatever the look or the traction ,protection and wrapping ,cushion. If you don’t like excessively low-key color matching, you can buy it! Lightweight uppers and low-to-medium designs are also a good choice for everyday wear. Moderately wrapped and protected, giving your feet maximum flexibility, and the first-class cushioning of the feet is even more enjoyable.Unconsciously, the LeBron  series of shoes have been always popular.  So the Lebron  16 will be the popular too ?We will look it next day .