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NIKE ZOOM FLY FK Performance Review

Speaking of NIKE sneakers, the PEGASUS series already has the 35th generation. NIKE updated ZOOM FLY last year. The new Fly FK version rises in response to the proper time and conditions. It has updated both the vamp and insole. The only invariable thing is the sole of Zoom Fly series.
So what is the sole of Zoom Fly series? Is the outsole with air cushion suitable for running?

Product Information:
Art. No.:AR4561-068
Colorway:Black/Red/Yellow Orange/Gray
Orientation: Running, Cushion
Unit Weight:251g
Technology:Carbon Fiber Plate, React Insole, Flyknit Vamp, Ortholite Shoe-pad

Shoe Box
The outer packing of sneaker is also the familiar orange shoe box. The middle of shoe box is printed with NIKE logo. It doesn’t have any special design.

The appearance of sneaker continues the last generation of NIKE Zoom Fly. The orange Nike logo is on both sides of the shoes. It has fearless upgrade on the vamp and colorway. The vamp is changed to Flyknit elastic knitted vamp. The colorway of original blue has been changed to black and orange. Of course, the classic colorway of black & white, white & gray and white & blue are also on sale.
The modelling of Nike Zoom Fly FK is still the same, high insole and upturned shoe head. KIP Jog weared the idiosyncratic NIKE shovel type sneaker refresh the marathon world record in 2018 Berlin Marathon.
Vamp/Shoe Tree
Most of people should be familiar with Nike Flyknit vamp. The Flyknit technology has been developed for many years by Nike. The density and elasticity of Flyknit textile on the vamp is different. The elasticity part is mainly distributed on the shoe tongue, forefoot and socks. And the midsole and heelpiece part don’t have much elasticity to keep the stability and support. The thickness of Flyknit vamp is temperate. The mesh of ventilated area is big enough. It ensures both of the air permeability and shoe’s lifetime, and it can also keep the stability.
The shoe tree of NIKE Zoom Fly FK is standard. It’s suitable to the standard and thin feet runner. If your feet is too wide, we suggest to choose half size bigger than the normal shoes.

Shoe tongue/Socks

The socks edges of Nike Zoom Fly FK is a little thin and stiff. If you wear short socks, the heelpiece skin may be abraded, it’s normal. It needs times for feet to get used to it. It’s gratifying that the elasticity of the socks is good. You don’t need to worry even if your arch is high.

The shovel type insole is undoubted the symbolic design of Nike Zoom Fly. It’s also the sole of this sneaker. Some people like this style, but somebody don’t like it. But it’s undeniable that this kind of insole is suitable for running. The insole of Nike Zoom Fly FK is changed to React foam from Lunarlon. Many people should know React performance well. React has great performance on the cushion and resilience.

It adds the wear-resisting rubber on the outsole. It guarantees enough durability. But the cupped design on the outsole is easy to be deposited with the sandy soil.



The shoe-pad is the Ortholtic foam shoe-pad. The cushion performance is good. And it has great moisture absorption capacity. The difference with Nike Zoom Fly series’ shoe-pad, the thickness of Nike Zoom Fly FK is thinner. It’s for reducing the weight and get better feedback from the ground. And the shoe-pad of Nike Zoom Fly FK is suede type. It’s softer.
The unit weight of single EUR43 is about 250g. It’s lightsome on foot.
My first feeling of wearing Nike Zoom Fly FK is, the foam insole is very thick. You can obviously feel the existing of carbon fiber plate in the insole when walking. As the insole is made of React foam, you don’t need to worry about the comfort. But the it’s still easy to be wrinkled.

Running on the highway
When running on the highway, the best feedback that I get from Nike Zoom Fly FK is the super cushion performance and the propulsion by carbon fiber plate. The cushion resilient capacity of React is excellent. As the forefoot part is very thick, you can’t run very fast.
The insole performance is great on the 10KM running. The sole of Nike Zoom Fly FK is the full-length carbon fiber plate, as the hardness of the carbon fiber plate is high and the anti-torsion performance is also great, it will push you to get forward when running. It’s special. But the full-length carbon fiber plate also has disadvantage, it has high request for the running field. I feel that the insole is not stable enough when running on the grassland, sand or some complicated roads. Your feet may easy to be sprained if keeping high speed.

The air permeability is great. My feet don’t feel stuffy. And the vamp is also very comfortable. Please reducing the speed when running on the minus grade. As the heelpiece of NIKE Zoom Fly FK don’t have stiff TPU, the stability is not strong.

Running on plastic track
The cushion performance of Nike Zoom Fly FK is also great when running on plastic track. The resilience is fast. But when running on bend field, the ankle is easy to be abrased by the socks of heelpiece.
The traction performance is excellent. As the outsole of Nike Zoom Fly FK uses polygonous rubber, the skid resistance is great.

Appearance: 8.5 scores
Wrapping Performance: 9 scores
Cushion Performance: 9 scores
Comfort Air permeability: 8 scores
Comfort:8 scores
Cost Performance: 8.5 scores

Generally, Nike Zoom Fly FK is a pair of great running sneaker. It has the shovel type insole and full-length carbon fiber plate. The 4% carbon fiber plate make the running experience of Nike Zoom Fly FK to be better than other running sneakers. The performance of React is great. We believe that React will replace Lunarlon. For the vamp, although it uses Flywire technology, but the sock part on the heelpiece is not good. It’s a pity.
Finally, we want to remind you that Nike Zoom Fly FK have high request for the running road. It’s better to run on plastic track, pitch road or smooth-riding surface.