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Nike KD 9 Performance Review

Kevin Durant has been recognized as one of the most versatile players in the game. His KD 9 signature shoe helps keep him fluid in his every move,  “Once I seen the KD 9  I was like, ‘Wow. We could really do this,’” Durant said. “They presented this shoe to me last summer, along with the new Zoom bags. So it just worked out well.”  and this colorway of KD9 is the most popular so far

Today we are talking about it .


It with a sock-like Flyknit upper and reimagined Nike Zoom Air cushioning to enable a natural motion every step of the way.



For the material : it utinilized the Flyknit  which was  backed by nylon

The flexibility of the material gives it its acute support while allowing the material to react the way  when playing .this type of Flyknit that was utilized on the Nike Kobe 9 Elite or even the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Elite. it is actually great and durability .it provide enough structure and support for the foot for this  setup



For the supporting ,it is just so so , as my experience , it is not very good at for those  who playing the guard . it is not enough for them .

For cushioning , it nice.Full length articulated Zoom Air used , it is really great . This cushion setup is everything anyone can want and ask for a lot of fans .full length Zoom returned to the Nike Lebron X and the KD6 Elite. For me , I  like I every much . the court feeling is great . TPU bumps located towards the forefoot where the Zoom unit is segmented to provide flexibility



Swoosh did a superb job with the Nike Zoom KD9 is nice 

there is a ZOOM  logo on the side 

The KD. logo on the heelFor the traction , it utilized the rubber traction which was super sticky  at times caused my foot when I am playing .As good as the rubber traction compound was, it can be used outdoors, but it is not very great as my experience .

Overall .the KD 9 is great for cushioning  and material , the size is true . flexibility of the material  and so on .


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Nike ZOOM KD 9 Performance Review

Nike Zoom KD9 has already been reviewed by a lot of people.Kevin Durant is one of the bonafide leaders for Team USA on both the on-court and off-court fronts.And this “Unlimited” colorway, which grasps a hot magenta and neon green color-combo that debuted from the larger collection .

Today we are talking about it .

For the box , it is nothing special .The big logo and the signature of Kevin Durant .


Here is the picture that construction of Nike Flyknit and Zoom Air technologies.

Designed by Leo Chang, It is show the low-cut shoe features a Flyknit upper engineered down to the pixel for maximum containment. Then it features a pattern with a distinct honeycomb structure precisely knit for the multidimensional movement of basketball and Durant’s lateral quickness.


Flyknit technology  utilized which  locks down the forefoot while still allowing the foot to move naturally.And Flyknit’s efficient material  also ensures the upper is lightweight, without compromising strength. That is the best reason that I loved it . Also it is a little stiff but the Ventilation is excellent . And it is will improve the support in some parts  .

For cushioning . A visible, tapered Zoom Air unit runs from heel to toe. Full length articulated Zoom Air at that. That  cushion is completely excellent  which good spring back for unmatched response. Impact protection — Foot transitions — Responsiveness , that is amazing for the setting up. This cushion setup is great and no one will annoying

KD signature and logo part of the tongue on the bottom echoes of fluorescent yellow crystal


we can see the Flyknit  clearly .And the multi colorway is amazing .

The yellow logo is Gorgeous with the pink 

Moreover, the midsole is minimized to enhance the responsive sensation produced by the Zoom Air unit.That is the reason why the KD 9 ‘s support is excellent .The Phylon midsole is sculpted under the arch for a little stiffness there .

TPU bumps located towards the forefoot where the Zoom unit is segmented to provide flexibility.

16 millimeters thick at the heel and progressively narrows to 10 millimeters at the forefoot. The responsive is excellent .

The heel part is obviously TPU fixed on the outer end of the 35 KD is self-evident, as the pink color .

For the traction .The traction on the KD9 superseded my expectations on court.Though it  a little stiff .At times the rubber traction handled more than I wanted it to. The colorway is beautiful anyway .


For fitting . it is  true size . I just buy the size that as usually . but for the wider footer , maybe you can buy over a half size because of the lockdown of shoes .

Overall , the Nike Zoom KD9 is a step in the proper direction on the future of basketball shoes and innovation. The excellent material and cushioning , especially the zoom unit performance well.Actually, this is the best Nike shoe in years.

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Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite ‘Flip the Switch’ Performance Review

I remember the old days in my college in 2010 which basketball memory .I have been a fan for Durant , Nike had a training activity in that summer .So luck that I met the Durant .He is so patience and humility . That was impression by people in present .

Today we are talking about Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite ‘Flip the Switch’ , Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors last  season which had lead to see his signature shoe in GSW color schemes.

Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite ‘Flip the Switch’features a Black, Tour Yellow and Blue Fury color combination which has a Golden State Warriors feel. Using a Dark shades across the Flyknit base, we have Black which gradients to Tour Yelloe and back to Black on the midsole. there are more picture as below : 

SWOOSH logo on the shoe was designed with a hook. It was said that the design was inspired by the tube of neon light.

There is a signature of Durant –’Kevin Durant’.

Nike re-worked the Flyknit upper to make it a little more true to what we see on popular Nike running models (like the Flyknit Racer) with a more pliable and forgiving knit construction.


For Cushioning

The full-length articulated Max Zoom Air setup in the KD 9 .

It is  most versatile cushion setups on the market today because every player of any play style can find something they like about it. The full length design show more stronger , player can feel clearly out of shape  when jump to fall .

The forefeet is thin compare with another shoes .

For Traction

The overall traction experience is pretty consistent, despite this colorway using a translucent rubber outsole

The bottom of hexagon sole lines provide grip in all directions .We can do what we want .though a lot of people dont like the linked-tube .

Some people will said that the rubber outsole is not very durable ,but I  played in the dusty court two hours . It is do the job well .There is no  in the damage in bottom .maybe it is need more time to test .

The midfoot area is where the Flyknit material really starts to come into its own as it’s a fully breathable zone that is as true as Flyknit is going to get. However, the toebox uses a tighter knit and feels a little stiffer than the rest of the upper.The Flyknit material is more breathability .

For supporting , The lack of an extended lateral outrigger also caused some problems because my foot would roll over itself on hard cuts and aggressive jab steps , maybe it is will do better for next one ,that is what I expect .

For fit : It is true size , but I had to go down half a size to compensate for the extremely long fit and by doing so the width became uncomfortably narrow. 

Overall ,it is worth to buy .The traction, cushion and materials all bring out the best of Nike’s technology, and the KD 9 Elites best feature is that it’s a shoe that can provide high level performance for all players and play styles.