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PUMA Uproar Performance Review

After Clyde Court, PUMA releases the newest basketball shoes PUMA Uproar. It verify the confidence of PUMA to return the basketball field. The integral shape of PUMA Uproar is not the same retro design as PUMA Clyde Court. The outsole uses herringbone grains. There is a red curve extends to the bottom. The shape of this sneaker looks like 911 sports car.

The colorway is white, blue and red. It’s also the team color of NBA Detroit Pistons. The NRGY cushion technology on the heelpiece is in red color. And we can see the white cushion particles in it.

It uses mid-high design. It fills thick sponge in the heelpiece. The shoe head is made of a piece of leather. The shoe tongue is mesh vamp. The front part of shoe tongue is connected with vamp. And the rear part is separated to be suitable for more peoples’ instep.

As a pair of leather compound type vamp sneaker, PUMA Uproar is definitely not light. The unit weight of EUR43 is 490g. But the details of vamp looks good, such as PUMA logo on the shoe tongue, it uses different color on the inside and outside of the shoes, the top two shoelace holes are interspersed with red plastic part, and the TPU reinforced part is gray. Afterall, it’s a pair of rare leather basketball shoes.

As the heelpiece is filled with comfortable sponge and the thick of shoe tongue is enough, the wrapping performance of Uproar is excellent. After tensioning the shoelaces, it can lock well the foot. The leather of forefoot is soft. But it also has the disadvantage, this sneaker is not suitable for playing basketball for a long time in Summer, as there is no holes on the forefoot vamp, the air permeability is not good.

The outsole of Uproar uses herringbone design. So we don’t need to worry about the traction. The stripes of several horizontal structure with herringbone on forefoot is very helpful for accelerating.

The heelpiece of this sneaker uses NRGY cushion technology. It has big and small cushion particles. The surface is uneven.

The feeling of NRGY is different with BOOST. The cushioning feedback of heelpiece is not fast. It’s really soft, but the elasticity is not enough. So this kind of cushion should be more suitable for heavier players.

Leaving the insole alone, this sneaker is leather vamp, so the anti-torsion performance if better than many sneaker with knitted vamp.

The TPU reinforced plate of heelpiece is extended to the middle part of the sneaker. So the dynamic protection of this sneaker is improved. But the leather vamp also has the disadvantage. After testing, the back-end vamp of forefoot toes is plicated.

Generally, PUMA Uproar is a pair of leather shoes with contemporary design. The performance is not outstanding comparing with other basketball shoes, but the disadvantages are also not obvious. It will be perfect if adjusting the air permeability and durability of vamp. PUMA Uproar is more suitable to heavier players who want to be more flexible.
BTW, the size of PUMA is not standard. If you wear NIKE EUR44 with length JP280, it will be smaller if choosing the same size of PUMA. So we suggest you to have a try on the physical stores before buying.