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Performance Review of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

Appearance:8 scores

Comparing with the big Why Not Zer0.1, the appearance of Why Not Zer0.2 has been improved. It has several different colors and texture.

Front View: the shoe tongue is with Jumpman and Westbrook’s logo


Side View: there are many details on the side. The upper band is combined with lacing system.

Rear View: the heelpiece handle is printed with Westbrook’s handwritten signature. And the midsole is also with Westebrook’s logo.

Comfort:8 scores

The common design of shoe tongue and knitted vamp make sure that Why Not Zer0.2 is suitable to most of the players.

The heelpiece and outer layer of Why Not Zer0.2 is separated. So the handle around the outer layer is useless. When wearing it, you need to disperse the shoe laces to avoid stepping down the inner sleeve.

The size of Why Not Zer0.2 is normal. The width of boot tree is suitable. The people with high instep also feel comfortable.

Support & Wrapping Performance: 7 scores

The outside of Why Not Zer0.2 forefoot use the dynamic wing design which is similar to PG2. It has two pieces big area of fabric bandage on two sides of vamp. The heelpiece part is covered with a layer of knitted texture. It’s aim to improve the wrapping and supporting performance.

After wearing, the forefoot has enough space for keeping the sporting flexibility.

For the support, the knitted texture is normal. The vamp shape is deformed a little when breaking through. And it doesn’t have anti-rollover design on the outboard of forefoot. So the stability of forefoot is not good when making more big movements.

You can see the vamp form is changed and the insole of forefoot is compressed seriously when breaking through.

Traction & Wear-resisting: 8.5 scores

The outsole of Why Not Zer0.2 is made of the XDR rubber, and matching with round notching grains design. The traction performance is great when actual combat on out-field. I haven’t slipped when starting or breaking through.

Cushion:8.5 scores

Comparing with the full-length air cushion of Why Not Zer0.1, many players are disappointed at the simplified insole of Why Not Zer0.2. But we have to say that the foot sense from the big Zoom Air cushion of Why Not Zer0.2 is good.

You will feel the forefoot is soft due to the Zoom Air cushion. When starting and breaking through, the feedback from the air cushion is fast.

The heelpiece of Why Not Zer0.2 is thick enough, and it also has external expansion design. Comparing with Kyrie and PG series, the heelpiece of Why Not Zer0.2 is softer and stable.

After one week, the XDR rubber outsole keeps well. It doesn’t has obvious rough selvedge. The abrasive resistance can be assured.

General Comment: 8 scores

The appearance of Why Not Zer0.2 is special. It is made of several colors and different textures. It’s following the popular destruction idea and also very suitable for Westbrook.

The cushion performance of Why Not Zer0.2 is great. The feedback is fast. But it has some nibs for the wrapping and supporting performance. It’s mainly due to the limited strength of knitted texture and the high center of gravity on forefoot. You don’t need to worry about the traction and abrasive resistance.

If you are one of Westbrook’s fans, you can’t miss this sneaker.

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Nike LeBron 15 Performance Review

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Nike LeBron XV use new designed knitted vamp with Flywire and three-fourths Zoom & Max cushion. This pair of “Ashes” color blending shoes use XDR rubber outsole, comparing with the crystal color blending outsole, its durability is stronger and more suitable for outfield.

The vamp includes three parts. The bottom part is for adding the stabilization of heelpiece and side of shoes. The knitted vamp and lining is thick. The center section is in charge of forefoot protection and the linkage of upper and bottom vamp. So the vampe of forefoot is stiff. The upper vamp match with rubber string, so that the shoes are easy to wear.

The TPU on the heelpiece is not high. But it assure the stabilization of heelpiece. And the thickness and stiffness of midsole is just right.

The most expectant cushion of midsole use ZOOM with MAX cushion. And the thickness is the best one. The same part with LeBron X is, the heelpiece cushion has AIR MAX. It assures the stabilization when falling to the ground.

The three air chambers of cushion is not connected. The outsole is composed of “Crocodile Scales” and classic Lion logo.

Traction: 7.5 scores
Although the traction is enough in the outfield. But the material of XDR is ordinary. You will feel that the sneakers is a little sliding when starting and urgently stopping on side direction.

Comparing Hyperdunk 2017 with Air Jordan 32, the material of Hyperdunk is better. And the material of LeBron XV is better than Air Jordan 32.

Anti-friction : 8 scores
After 12 hours’ playing and 4 hours’ everyday dressing, LeBorn XV doesn’t have obviously abrade. And the thickness and stiffiness of “tine” in the outsole also improve the anti-friction.

Cushion: 10 scores
The cushion is perfect due to the thick air cushion. In fact, the performance of Nike LeBron XV is softer than other sneakers. But the speed of starting response is not fast due to the soft cushion.

Anti-torsion:8.5 scores
Generally speaking, the anti-torsion is good for full cushion of whole outsole. The anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is not bad, but the jointed parts of the three air chambers is too thin, it’s not better than the full cushion of whole outsole. Even so, the anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is above average.
Support: 8.5 scores
The vamp it better than normal Flyknit knitted design. It uses rhombus corrugation to add the thickness of vamp. It uses thick Flywire and shoelaces to make the support of vamp is not bad than Air Jordan 32. Although LeBorn XV doesn’t use stiff material for the vamp. The support of vamp is still good.

Wrapping Performance:9 scores
The thick vamp and lining wrap well the heelpiece and arch. And the stiff vamp and good ductility improve the wrapping performance.

The difference with 13th and 14th generation is the good ductility of upper vamp. So the comfort of LeBorn is the best one of 5 generations. That’s why Leblanc said LeBorn is one of his favorite signature shoes.

Protection:7 scores
Although the support and wrapping performance is good, but the protection of the sneakers is not so good. Although the ankle socks’ type wrap well the ankle, but it doesn’t have good protective effect. We suggest the players who have old wound should wear the ankle pad.

Generally, although the bad ankle protection become the only deficiency of this pair of sneaker. But the new designed knitted vamp and the thickest air cushion makes Nike LeBorn XV to be the best sutural sneakers. This sneaker is suitable to the players whose weight is above-average and like breakthrough.

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Reviews And Close Look at Jordan Melo M11 X

I was attention since from the version of Jordan 1.5 ,until Jordan Melo M9 released , which the same traction with the Jordan XX8 , But the 11 version of Jordan.Jordan Melo M11 was also set to receive the “Hare” treatment, we now have additional images of the Jordan Melo M11 “Hare”.

I bought the shoes in the discount season ,but I think the performance well ,the price is worth .

The  shoes box  just commemorating the 30th anniversary 30 years.


Regarding the size , the individual feels the pressure on the foot surface. It will be more comfortable to wear the upper half of the code. Usually the shoes are EUR 43 and it is 275cm long. I choose the size EUR 44  and  it  is  280 cm lengths.I guess you can buy the size that  you bought before .


When Melo talked to the designer about the shoes, Melo told them that it was important for him to have a pair of shoes that would keep Melo equally active during the four quarters of the game. Melo said, Whether it’s a jump or down the MELO M11 X’s FlightPlate has a powerful cushioning, the responsiveness is nice.


For the weight.The single just only the 376 g.Melo was born in the area of Brooklyn, so he felt that he was closely connected to the city of New York. The inspiration for each color of JORDAN MELO M11 X comes from the different elements of his growth.

Rock Blue hits are seen on the lace loops, pull-tap and heel branding. Red is seen on the tongue and outsole. The white midsole is equipped with Flightplate technology, for the setting is worth the price.

I found it was look like PG 1. The same shapped with the PG 1 . But the setting is different.

For the traction : The  exclusive LOGO of “MELO” was the most attention for us. The sole is equipped with XDR traction . The bottom  lines of traction can improver the gripping well. I personally found it to be a little better given the court’s condition. Much like the XX9, when dust was present, a quick wipe and you’re good to go. However, 24 Hour Fitness courts tend to be so badly kept that you’ll need to wipe much more often to maintain solid grip.

For the protection ,The Melo 11  add more foam around the heel partso the protection is nice.

For the supporting : The supporting jus so so .What I like most is that they support you without feeling bulky or heavy,so it can help you.


For the material :

The upper of the MELO M11 X is made of synthetic leather for support, durable and lightweight; the perforated details enhance breathability. The mesh belt system wraps the foot for an extraordinary lock. The updated version of the foam heel stabilizer is combined with the midsole to provide strength and support for the shoe tie, with a distinctive pattern of repeating letters “M”.It is look great.

Melo organized several high-level trainings at JORDAN Brand’s TERMINAL 23 showroom in New York. After a high-intensity training in the summer, he succeeded in losing weight and being more solid, preparing for the new challenges of the season.

For the cushioning : I figure out the cushioning is better .It is much like the Super.Fly 3, I found the Zoom Air to feel slightly more responsive than the AJXX9. Heel tech still lacks, but that hasn’t been an issue for me at all.

Overall ,Air Jordan Melo M11 is almost the same configuration as the Air Jordan XX9,but it will be cheaper , mainly because the Air Jordan Melo M11 upper is slightly harder. But the performance well ,It is worth the price.

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adidas Pro Bounce Low PE Performance Review

When the Adidas Crazy Boost 2017 first appeared, I know many people were trying their best to pick it just like me. Yes, I think I must like it so much that I even start saving money in order to get it . But now,when I see the official images of Pro Bounce ,I admitted it was quite unacceptable for me because I think it is much worse than Adidas Crazy Boost whether in design or setting.

So what is it actually like? Today we will have a check.


First of all,I’ll talk about the appearance.Well,what I picked was not the black/white but the low-top one. Honestly speaking, the shoe fits my socks so much! Doesn’t it ?

The upper of this sneaker is a PK woven version. Below is a image about Crazy Explosive 2017 PK,you can make some comparison between them.

For the shoe tongue,as you can see,it is designed well. And the heel part is also woven and it wraps well. However,what makes me down is that the TPU equipped in the heel is a bit small,which brings the result that the heel cushion is not enough.

Secondly,it’s about the traction.Well,I dare not say I am a senior basketball player,but as a basketball fan like many of you, I know the traction of a shoe is of great importance.To some extent, a good traction may even add points to your performance.

Here I must mention it that the shoe’s traction is made of raw water crystal.For its shape you can see in the picture below. However,I must admit that I don’t understand the traction design quite well,a bit confused.But even so,during my whole actual combat, I knew I’ve got the right one which helped me greatly.It just gripped the court tightly when I needed it did so.And with it,I can change my movements with ease. But I think I need to suggest you that you had better not play in it on dusty courts.

Next,I will talk about the cushion. For this setup,the shoe has equipped with a big Bounce.When I see the Crazy Explosive 2017 PK’s cushion,of course,I will definitely make a comparison between them because the most concerned part is the cushioning. As I’ve said,there is a big Bounce (its cost is low) placed in the shoe ,which results in the low price of this Pro Bounce.

But even the cost is low, I would tell you the shoe’s cushion is pretty excellent and it even makes me think of the Dame 3 which is as excellent as Pro Bounce. Based on my experience,I am quite satisfied with the setup for I can feel its elasticity and it is super enjoyable.


Then it’s time to tell you some about wrapping. There are some fillers in the shoe which is used to make up of the defect that the TPU brought. In daily wearing you can feel that your foot are wrapped well.


Finally,I’d like to talk about the support. Before formal introduction, I’d like to talk about the use of TPU. Firstly, it offers support for its wearer. Secondly, it helps improve stability and prevent some injuries. So,how well can the shoe perform in this aspect? Sadly,I must tell you its performance is quite disappointing. Therefore,if you can’t accept this you’d better consider again and again.

Overall :

Objectively speaking, its cushion and grip are super good. So,if you’ve decided to make it be your next target of purchase then you’d better grab it as soon as possible.But,if you can’t accept its shortcomings then I suggest you choose a high-top and engineering mesh one.In short,I think I’ve got my favorite one,so happy!



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Reebok Answer 4 Performance Review

Allen Iverson’s Reebok Answer IV silhouette is set to return in the form of this masterfully crafted DMX Metal Box Set.Much like the Answer IV Playoff Playoff pack from last year, this pair will be housed in special packaging, and will come with a bit of extra swag – in the form of socks this time around. Dressed in white and red, the silhouette that Iverson wore during his 2001 MVP season in which he lead the 76ers all the way to the MVP finals, is back in another one of its original colorways.

Iverson’s sneakers will be impreesion for me. However,  Answer 4 is indeed a “sense of speed.” The streamlined body and the I3 logo that extends from the midsole to the upper will make people want to wear it and sprint right away, which is still very difficult for a pair of leather shoes .

In addition, the overall leather upper and heel part of the cortical lining also great, but I do not know whether it will released ,the heel part of the shoes will be designed to be a bit wide, also People will be a bit worried.

The cushioning of Answer 4 is actually very suitable for breakthrough shoes . I don’t know if the midsole is really thick or DMX is really useful. The cushioning of the shoes is really similar to the Kyrie 4 we tested before. This kind of soft and moderate cushioning may not be suitable for the actual field outside the cement and other hard venues (but you will not take the field outright), but also please pay more attention.

Although there is no  boost(yes, there are no forefoot boots), but the leather upper with zipper design can also properly cover the feet in the correct size of the selection, and the shoes are basically based on the adjustment of the package Lacing up. In terms of size, it is recommended that you buy a small one yard or a half yard (I usually buy the size of 44.5 , wearing a little more big for the size  44).

The traction looks pretty solid. Herringbone is laid out in such a way that back in 2001 if you only saw the traction then you would still know what player these shoes belonged to… the King of the crossover – at least one of them… I still love Tim Hardaway’s crossover a tad bit more.

Because the outsole TPU’s support, plus the thickness of the midsole itself is enough, so the resistance of the shoes is really good.

Reebok went another route by utilizing DMX foam instead of the original DMX I-Pak which housed an Air bubble at the heel and forefoot that were connected up the center of the shoe by a thin chamber so the air would flow based on impact. The foam is light in weight but feels pretty firm

Herringbone is laid out in such a way that back in 2001 if you only saw the traction then you would still know what player these shoes belonged to. the grip is nice .

Reebok went another route by utilizing DMX foam instead of the original DMX I-Pak which housed an Air bubble at the heel and forefoot that were connected up the center of the shoe by a thin chamber so the air would flow based on impact. The foam is light in weight but feels pretty firm.

Overall, All in all, Reebok Answer 4 is  nice . If you want to wear it in a mall, please try it on and choose the right size. We recommend this pair of shoes to some breakthrough small and medium weight defenders who have no ankle injuries. I believe that you can feel the speed of “I want to be a step faster” by wearing it on the court. However, we recommend using this pair of shoes for everyday wear. Sneakers in the actual combat process will cause the toe creases, and the sneakers on the glue and the bottom of the seam on the surface of the leather shoes is also more likely to cause wear in game.

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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

Since Air Jordan 25 released in 2010 ,   it has became a hot  sneaker , and there is a big change that  re-enable full ZOOM in  Air Jordan XXXI Whether it will continue to Air Jordan XXXII used in ? (the midsole in Jordan shoes followed last version before.

The MVP winner in NBA 17-18 season   who Russell Westbrook arrived in Shanghai on September 1, 2017 ,and he begin to campaign  Air Jordan XXXII to with a two-day “Fly Journey”  that also brought Air Jordan XXX2 “Rosso Corsa” with “Ferrari Red” , it has been started with the official public meeting It feature leather material to the toe extension, the upper shoelace with three shoelaces ,retro tongue Air Jordan LOGO and six three-dimensional striped heel, etc., are all in 30 years ago to pay tribute to the Air Jordan 2.


Air Jordan XXX2 “Rosso Corsa” officially released in September 23, 2017 , due to personal preferences of the classic black and red color , the final selection of the same year on sale on October 18 – Air Jordan XXXII “MJDAY” Black and red forbidden

For the box , it is seems simply . there are the details of the side .

Following the XX9 has been used since the split shoebox, cover a slightly matte texture, short side mirror Retro Air Jordan wings LOGO silhouette.

For the weight ,  it just have 485 grams, compared to the others shoes – Jordan Melo 11 about 376 grams (EUR 44), Air Jordran XX9 about 383 grams (EUR 44 ) and Air Jordan RISING HIGH X about 404 grams (EUR 44 ) Adidas D Rose 7 about 441 grams (EUR 43 ), Air Jordan XXXI about 448 grams (EUR 44 ) The data on the shoes are heavy. 

For the material , Air Jordan XXXII upper is mainly composed of several parts: high-density mesh and Flyknit knit material, upper part of litchi leather. I absolutely love the materials.There is no heavy glue usage, no TPU strands or yarn. Just really thick Flyknit that moves well with the foot.but it is comfortable and it can provide the supporting.The areas that do stretch are still extremely thick so you’re getting the most out of the material. It’s been durable so far, although the eyelet areas potentially ripping is a concern of mine. The heel area features synthetic leather or suede (depending on the colorway). I glossed over this area in the Air Jordan 32 video review because I don’t feel it’s anything of great significance and it’s very similar to last year’s Air Jordan 31 setup. It works well and adds strength to the rear section of the shoe ensuring lockdown, but premium it is not.

I it would have been awesome.This is more of a small gripe with the mid because the lowtops feature such a small amount of leather on the heel that it really doesn’t matter. The Mid on the other hand — it uses a lot of material at the rear overlay and it would have been awesome to have seen something similar to what was used on the red suede Air Jordan 21. Exquisite Vintage Air Jordan wings LOGO is really good, forbidden to wear inside the tongue BANNED forks is also the classic story of Air Jordan

For the supporting , it just so so ,the supporting just come from the materail .And  the moderator plate works to increase torsional rigidity and the outrigger was solid.maybe you think the midsole will help a lot when you playing . The midsole sculpt in the rear may be off-putting for some from a design perspective because it isn’t a clean line but it contains the rearfoot well upon lateral movements

Air Jordan 32 used “FLIGHT SPEED” technology: By using the buffer board to control the energy output of each burst and maximize energy recovery, the board not only provides anti-torque function, and ZOOM AIR cushioning unit can control the compression And deformation


 For the traction :it used the crystal materail  with herringbone outsole lines, in fact, it seems that the shoes appear more clearly show the way to the Roman numerals – XXXII  ,And if you played in the dust only affected performance a little .  infrequent wiping was needed on a less than desirable court. If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most.For me , it is just so so . but t gripping is better .

For the cushioning ,Air Jordan XXXII used the ZOOM air cushion, forefoot air cushion can be described as stunning, about 79.28 mm length, about 81.92 mm width, about 11.08 mm thickness,the Zoom, it is special , we can feel it when you place enough pressure on the forefoot; it feels nice and it gives you the feeling that it springs into action as you need it rather than it lingering around while you may not be in need of the cushion. This setup is nice , we  can  feels more balanced than unlocked setups in the past.

Air Jordan XXXII High Density  Flyknit with a built-in Flight Web Bonding System that wraps with mesh straps and combines with Flyknit weave to provide ample foot-fitting coverage. With forefoot big “POKER (poker)” ZOOM air cushion, ZOOM air cushion with the configuration of the palm only try to experience cushioning and rebound pleasure