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Review :Whats Difference Between Westbrook low and Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 /10 and Nike Hypedunk X 2018 ?

I bought some basketball shoes recently year, though there are have been a lot of  new sneakers at present .Here are Westbrook low and Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 /10 and Nike Hypedunk X 2018 , all of theses shoes have a different performance and special design.

We will look at what the different for all of these shoes today .


Russell Westbrook has cemented himself as the Jordan Brand’s top signature athlete. To boot, he has one of the most affordable lines of signature sneakers on the market .For me ,I like this kind of shoes very much . Ten years ago, Nike unveiled the first-ever Hyperdunk basketball shoe, utilizing the global stage of the Beijing Olympics to feature the innovative silhouette on Kobe Bryant. Since then, the Hyperdunk has been regarded as one of Nike’s most significant chapters of their storied Basketball heritage, and later this Summer the tenth iteration of this performance hoops shoe will finally hit stores. While dropping just like the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 was the sneaker of LeBron

There are different type of shoes  and different stories , but we are looking at it .

For the first ,we will check the look ,Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 and Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 seems a little similar ,but the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 just different for the look , we can see the all of  designer for the appearance . The Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 will be higher of  the heel part ,and the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9  just had the design of fabric ,it seems have been not any protection ,but the Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 just used the strap to lockdown the feet .that is amazing .


This time, the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11  is a perfect place to do the toughness of the upper. It reached the same height as Nike LeBron Ambassador, and at the same time it was more comfortable than the make-up. In the picture, I used the same force to press the upper.

From the result , we can see the Nike LeBron Ambassador will be better when the force coming , the Nike LeBron Ambassador will be protection the feet well .

Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 =Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 >Westbrook low>Nike Hypedunk X 2018

Anti-rollover is a comprehensive indicator, many factors will affect the anti-rollover effect, and even related to the human foot style. also it is important part for the basketball .Again, since there is no actual combat, here is just a simple comparison.

I have to once again praise the anti-rolls of the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 and 10.
I think the Nike LeBron Ambassador was amazing for the anti-rolls. through the embossed anti-rollover design shoes, the Nike LeBron Ambassador  9 and Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 are the coolest and most effective. I have really protected me many times.(The worst is the Hypedunk 2015. It is thin and soft, but it makes me roll over several times, but not as good as it does.)


It is not difficult to find that the design of the anti-rollover part ,the Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 have been not good as the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 .Nike LeBron Ambassador 11  just made the soles wider, not as exaggerated as the  Nike LeBron Ambassador  9, Nike LeBron Ambassador 10, nor as much as the  Westbrook low wide. However, its anti-rollover design is better than Nike Hypedunk X 2018. The anti-rollover ofNike Hypedunk X 2018 has the same problem as Nike Hypedunk X 2015, which is too soft.So the ranking of the anti-rollover  design as below :

Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 = Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 >  Westbrook low> EnNike LeBron Ambassador> Nike Hypedunk X 2018



The position of my finger in the picture is exactly the joint between the outer bread surface and the shoe body. It is very thick and firm, which is equivalent to a good reinforcement of the shoe body, which will further lock the foot and reduce the foot  when we moving.

For the design of Nike shoes in these shoes , I think the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 will the best one shoes I like it .

Here are some reason as below :

1) Jumpman Hustle’s design does not perfect fit for who people with high backs, even if your instep is not as high as me, the zipper is difficult to pull.

2)Westbrook low 1 is a fully enclosed surface for the part of  upper, it is  very difficult to trying fasten the laces on the front end of the sneaker.
I think the  most torture thing is  tie the shoelaces. It is often take  a 10 minutes to adjustment the shoelace

3) Although Ultra Fly 3 is not on the foot, it is also a fully enclosed package. It is similar to the Westbrook 1 . Secondly, from the feedback of foreign users,Ultra Fly 3 is the same as Ultra Fly  2. It is very narrow and very narrow .


The design of the LeBron Ambassador  11 is much better. Although it is not so good, it is still a little difficult to tie the first few shoelaces, but it is much better than Westbrook low 1 .

Let’s talk about the shoelaces again .The shoelace system of the Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 must be better . Although there has been not the Flyknite  design (not visually), the shoelace can still make the shoe body tightly wrapped.And the distribution of the lace holes is more reasonable.

Overall ,The Nike Hyperdunk X 2018  features several familiar design and functional cues from previous models such as Zoom Air cushioning in the heel and forefoot, a lightweight mesh upper, inner bootie, and a high peak at the ankle for protection.  it is must great .

The Nike LeBron Ambassador 9  uses a smaller rectangular Zoom Air bag. The forefoot Zoom Air bag is slightly bigger along the forefoot, so those that plant heavily on the ball of their feet will definitely will feel the cushion.

Then the midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin. This is likely why you can actually feel the Zoom bounce back while in motion .Maybe this is  best part of  Westbrook 1 low that  I love .

For the overall performance , I like the Nike LeBron Ambassador  better. The material and cushioning setting was the best amazing , also the traction also great.