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Nike Kyrie Low Performance Review

The basketball fans should know well Owen’s playing way. His main offensive weapon is elusory breakthrough. But in traditional impression, the breakthrough players normally choose low shoes of Korbe series, due to the light weight crural feeling and the freedom of heel. But the 4 pairs of signature shoes that NIKE provided to Owen are middle shoes. It mainly consider for improving the protection of heels.

Kyrie Low is the first pair of low shoes of main generation series. Like previous Kyrie SI Hybrid, this pair of low shoes is composed of the advantages of previous series.


Kyrie Low chooses the popular fabric and hot-melt vamp texture. And there is invisible crashworthy shoe head. The uplift of stabilizer on heelpiece is similar to Owen 1st generation. The most noticeable velcro also use the same design.



As a pair of main generation shoes, Kyrie Low’s details don’t showed many Owen’s elements. The show tongue and inner side have Owen’s exclusive logo.

Actual playing experience:
What about the cushion? We can see a design like two dart boards on the outsole. That’s just the two detached front and back ZOOM cushions. You will feel very comfortable cushion when wearing the shoes, due to adding the ZOOM cushions. The rear cushion can reduce the impact force when the feet drop down the ground.

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However, maybe due to the stiff Phylon midsole, I can’t feel dual-ZOOM cushions experience immediately when wearing the shoes. After a period of adjustment, it can be realized. It seems that I need to do some practices, then I can know its high quality cushion.

For the capacity of traction, the texture of outsole use independent separation of straight lines, and it arrays differently on the area where is easy to wear and tear. No matter how to change directions, stop urgently or start, it can provide stable traction from all directions. But it’s a problem for the abrasive resistance. The texture of independent separation and soft is easy to fall out when playing.

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Due to the stiff midsole, the torsion performance of the shoes is not excellent. But when wearing the shoes, you won’t feel stiffly. The flexibility of this shoes are still excellent.

As a pair of low shoes, the size of 42 Kyrie Low is about 360g. It’s light.

Although Kyrie Low use fabric vamp and mesh ventilated shoes tongue, I still feel stuffiness after a period of time of actual playing experience. It may due to the wrapping performance.

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Wrapping performance should be the most outstanding advantage of this pair of Low shoes.The thick inner filling and the heel stabilizer warp the heel well. It doesn’t easy to slide. The design of lacing system and velcro refer to Owen 2nd generation. Comparing with the position of Owen 2nd generation’s velcro, Low’s velcro is under anklebone. The ankle won’t feel constraint.

By the cooperation of shoelaces and velcro, the midsole and forefoot are absolutely still even big movement. Although the design of velcro is perfect,  the shoelaces are still not very good like Owen 2nd generation.

Generally, this pair of Kayrie Low as the first pair of low shoes of the main generations, the overall design is simple and agile. This pair of basketball shoes combines many advantages of previous generations. The flexible and light advantages match well with the impression of low shoes. After actual playing, we can find that the front and back ZOOM cushion is better than the main generation shoes.

Comparing with the same price of shoes in the market, the cost performance of Kyrie Low is good. If you are looking for a pair of shoes with flexiblity and stable sense of feet, Kyrie Low will be a good choice for you.